Come fall and you are all set to rock the polo shirts, right? Well, contrary to popular opinion, we feel that polo shirts are not exclusive to summers or fall. If the stuff is right, a polo shirt could be your all-season best friend.


After all, a few polo shirts in your wardrobe present you with a lot of opportunities to mix and match and create some wonderful looks. Go for everyday neutrals, or the darker shades that just seem to be made for you, either way - a polo shirt won’t disappoint you.


So, how to create those looks? What’s it that you could wear with a polo shirt? Let’s find out!

A Pair of Chinos, Sneakers and a Leather Jacket

Well, it’s true that polo shirts are best worn during warmer months but it is not a rule of thumb. Long-sleeved polo shirts are a great option for relatively colder days. You can go all casual and pair the polo shirt up with a pair of chinos, sneakers, and a decent leather jacket.


The combination often looks good and is a great idea for casual parties or outings. It would be even better if your polo shirt is lightweight and made of a fabric such as Merino Wool.

A Short-Sleeved Polo Shirt With a Blazer

Pair up a short-sleeved polo shirt with your favorite pair of jeans, or chinos. Even suit pants would work fine, but only if you are a suit pants person.


You could even enhance the look further by donning a contrast blazer with loafers. That’s totally up to you. If a blazer is too much, you could go easy and stick to sneakers and jeans alone.

A Suede Jacket

If we were to vote for the best polo shirts ever, we would hands-down vote for knitted polo shirts. Why? Because they are the real all-season deal. You could rock a knitted polo shirt during warm and cold months alike, with a bit of creativity.

Knit polo shirt brown bison


Pair a knitted polo shirt with a suede jacket and you are good to go. Add a pair of slim, tapered trousers and get that retro Hollywood look instantly. But, make sure that you choose the right knitted shirt because the fabric could be a deal-breaker here. 

What Else Could You Wear With a Polo Shirt?

Pair a polo shirt with sweatpants for a relaxed and cool, casual look. Or, if the weather is too hot, a pair of shorts could also do the job just fine. However, this look is not apt for a formal setup. You could try pairing it up with a blazer as suggested above, for formal looks. A black polo shirt can instantly make you stand out.


Well, polo shirts are something we can never get enough of. All you need to do is pull it off in the right way and select the right size for yourself. Confidence is the key.


Wear it with confidence, and nobody could beat you! Looking for some classy men’s knit polo shirts? Don’t forget to explore Romeo Merino’s exclusive collection here! Lightweight shirts, 100% made of fine Merino wool, that not only look smart but are also extremely comfortable to wear.

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