What to Wear in Europe on Your Summer Vacation?

What to Wear in Europe on Your Summer Vacation?

Europe, one of the dream locations for summer vacation, right? Every year a lot of people head to Europe for some quality time with their families, friends, or just themselves (solo trips are a thing!).


We strongly feel that a vacation is incomplete without some memorable captures. Want to look like the rockstar that you are? Well, in that case, it’s crucial to select the right clothing for your vacation.


Europe has a different culture and what may be the ultimate style in your hometown may not be that popular there. So, what exactly do you wear in Europe on your summer vacation? Let’s help you out!

A Neutral Polo Shirt

Start your vacation packing with two or three men’s knit polo shirts, using which you can create multiple, stunning looks.


You can pair this up with a pair of chinos or shorts, your call, but you would look dashing either way. And, the best part is that this look is just the right kind of casual you need for that traveler vibe.


Merino wool polo shirts are an ideal choice here because the fabric is light-weight and helps regulate body temperature. You can explore some nice Merino wool polo shirts here.

A Nice Pair of Shorts and some Pairs of Jeans

Although you don’t need to be too formal for your vacation, a dark pair of jeans is nice to carry along. You could wear a pair to the destination, as you travel by flight or anyhow else. That way you would have another pair without having to pack it. 


Pair the jeans with neutral polo shirts and have multiple looks instantly.


Apart from that, take along a nice pair of chino/cargo shirts, as per the availability. But, remember that not all adults wear shorts in Europe.

Pair of Chinos

You may be a hardcore denim fan, but vacation time is a fun time. Thus, consider packing a lightweight pair of chinos (that goes well with your polo shirts).


The pair would occupy less space in your bag and is easy to pack. You can also have a button-down shirt and pair it up with chinos and leather shoes to create a new look.

A Pair of Walking Shoes

Since it is vacation time, we expect you to walk and explore the destination. Thus, a nice, firm pair of walking shoes is something you must pack. And, you could have a pair of sneakers for the days you don’t plan to walk a lot.


A pair of moisture-wicking socks, that dries quickly is also a must. And, if you are planning on traveling to a location where it gets relatively cold during the night, you should also have a nice Merino wool v-neck cardigan in the bag.

Merino wool v-neck cardigan


How did you like the list? We hope that you find the list useful. If you feel that you need to shop before the trip, don’t forget to check out this exclusive Merino wool clothing collection by Romeo Merino. The men’s knit polo shirts (available in multiple neutral shades as well as black) are an absolute must-have!

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