What is Sustainable Fashion and Why Does It Matter?

What is Sustainable Fashion and Why Does It Matter?

Not all of us know (or acknowledge) this but the fashion industry has a great impact on the state of our environment.


Fashion is causing harm to our environment in a lot of direct as well as indirect ways. That’s the reason a lot of leading fashion designers are turning to sustainable fashion.


What exactly is sustainable fashion? Is it all about using eco-friendly fabrics? Let’s try understanding.

What is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable fashion is a holistic term. It includes but is not restricted to using eco-friendly fabrics.


Sustainable fashion takes care of all the stakeholders and ensures a pleasant experience for everyone involved.


It’s true that sustainable fashion is about paying attention to the possible environmental hazards associated with fashion such as -


  • High water usage
  • Pollution from chemical treatments used for dyeing
  • Disposal of stuff not sold
  • Non-recyclable and non-reusable clothes
  • Landfill deposits


However, sustainable fashion also talks about social concerns related to fashion, supply chain transparency, and diversity as well as inclusion. The labor rights of the people working in the fashion industry feature under this category.


Apart from that the discrimination amongst fashion models based on their age, gender, physical features also are included.


Thus, if a fashion business is sustainable, it means that the products are manufactured, marketed, and used in the most sustainable manner possible. And, this just doesn’t include the environmental factors but also the socio-economic aspects of it.


The aim of a sustainable approach towards fashion is to enhance the value and experience at each stage of the product’s life cycle - right from the initial stages where the designer designs the clothes to procuring raw material, manufacturing, transportation, storage, marketing, sale to the final user and recycling the fabric so as to protect the environment.

Why Does Sustainable Fashion Matter?

Sustainable fashion is the need of the hour. On one hand, where it makes sure that we are not harming the environment and our planet anymore, on the other hand, it helps us develop a fair fashion world.


Sustainable fashion items such as this men’s polo shirt and v-neck cardigan are the best examples of the fact that we can look stylish and classy without being an eco-villain.

V-neck Cardigan


Manufactured using 100% authentic Merino wool (without harming the sheep!), this Merino wool collection by Romeo Merino proves that embracing the use of cruelty-free clothes doesn’t always mean compromising on the style quotient.

To Conclude

Creating a sustainable fashion world is beneficial for all of us. If we save natural resources and the environment today, we can enjoy nature for long. Sustainable fashion doesn’t make us waste gallons of water for a few “good” clothes. It reduces your Carbon footprint as well.


Sustainable fashion is not just healthy for our planet but for society as well. It doesn’t support the exploitation of anyone involved at any step and teaches us how to love each other.


We, at Romeo Merino, are firm supporters of a sustainable fashion business. The majority of the clothes in our collection have been manufactured using Merino wool, and are sustainable. Don’t forget to go through our exclusive collection when you decide to remodel your wardrobe.

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