Wearing Merino Wool in The Summer - Yay or Nay?

Wearing Merino Wool in The Summer - Yay or Nay?

Can we wear Merino wool clothing in the summer? It’s absolutely right to question how can we wear wool in summer?

 Well, Merino wool is a special kind of fabric, which although has “wool” in its name, is fit for wearing even during summers! How and why?

 There are a number of reasons why Merino wool is a nice fabric for summers and winters alike. Let’s see how!

It Doesn’t Over-heat Your Body

Merino wool is not the typical heavy, itchy wool. It is a lightweight fabric that regulates body temperature.

 Contrary to popular opinion, it doesn’t have large, thick fibers like typical wool. Its fibers are flexible, thin, and bend softly. Thus, it is quite breathable and feels good during summers.

It’s Odor Resistant

Yet another reason why you should consider wearing Merino during summers is that it helps you overcome continuous sweating.


Merino has lanolin, which is the reason behind its natural anti-bacterial properties. It kills the sweat-causing bacteria, thus making the fabric odor-resistant. And, since wool wicks moisture better than its counterparts, you don’t have to struggle with sweat as well.

 Doesn't smell

This further means that wearing a Merino wool polo shirt would help you stay sweat and odor-free for long durations during summers as compared to anything else.

Naturally Protects Against Sun Rays

Merino wool naturally helps protect against scorching summer Sun. How?

 Merino has a sun protection factor of around 30-50. Thus, it helps keep us safe against UV radiation to a certain extent.

Doesn’t Irritate the Skin

Rarely do we have come across someone who has found Merino wool irritating for the skin. It’s extremely comfortable to wear, hypoallergenic, and feels incredibly soft. 

Skin Friendly Wool


The fine, strong, and flexible fibers speak volumes about the quality. If you compare a Merino wool cardigan with a normal woolen cardigan, you can instantly feel the difference.

Merino Wool for Summers - Yay or Nay?

Citing the reasons above, we can confidently say that Merino wool clothing can be one of the best choices for summers.


There are very few fabrics that are comfortable as well as stylish. Merino wool is certainly one of those.


It evaporates heat, resists odor, and is sustainably sourced. As the temperature rises and the days start getting longer, this all-season fabric can come to your rescue. 


Merino wool clothing is cost-effective as well, as they are low-maintenance, and once bought, you could wear them for years!


These were some of the quick reasons why wearing Merino wool during summers is okay. If you have been trying to remodel your wardrobe of late, we are sure that you would love to see this exclusive Merino wool collection for men by Romeo Merino.

Crew Neck in summer


Right from men’s knit polo shirts, to lightweight Merino vests and cardigans, this collection has it all. Explore various neutral shades of polo shirts to create multiple looks with the chinos or jeans you already have.

Knit Polo shirt in summer


And, to top it all, you get free shipping and free returns! So, what are you waiting for? Explore the collection and place your order right away.

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