Wearing Merino Wool - A Great Idea Why?

Wearing Merino Wool - A Great Idea Why?

Merino sheep from Spain are known worldwide for their beautiful fur. The fine wool fibers have many properties which make the wool an ideal material to make clothing from. If you think merino wool clothes are only for winter though, think again. Here are nine reasons why your winter and summer merino wool clothing is beautiful.

Merino Wool Turtleneck Men’s Sweater Helps You Stay Cool

Black Turtleneck

Merino sheep have developed over millions of years, and they have become pretty good at staying both cool and dry! That means when it's hot; merino clothing is beautiful to wear; it will help control your temperature. The reason it works is that the fibers of merino wool can trap moisture, and it pulls sweat away from the skin where it can evaporate outside the cloth into the air. As the moisture evaporates, heat is released, and the air between the skin and the fabric cools down.

It Is Odor Resistant

Merino wool is a breathable fabric that removes moisture that leaves you cool, dry, and odor resistant. An additional advantage for the summer months is that the wool is a natural UV shield, thereby shielding the skin from harmful UV radiation.

Merino Wool Men's Sweaters Are Comfortable

Merino wool men's sweaters are humanly regarded as the softest and finest fleece. It is because the fibers are so pretty sweet. A human hair has a thickness of between 60 and 180 microns; a merino wool fiber is just 17 microns thick. Furthermore, merino wool is sixfold more durable than cotton. And, since the fibers of merino wool are so fine, solid, and flexible, they bend when pressed against your skin. It means you don't feel the prick associated with some other wools, or itch.

It Is Safe For Your Skin

The merino wool is not only soft on your skin, but it is also non-allergenic. It makes it perfect for sensitive skin, and can also reduce eczema symptoms. Additionally, merino wool naturally preserves moisture, so it is static resistant, which ensures that when you undress, your clothes do not stick to your skin or crackle or light.

Merino Wool Vest Easy To Take Care Off

Merino Wool Cardigan Vest


Merino wool is super easy to care for. Because the wool fibers resist bacteria and stains naturally and absorb odor molecules, it will not get so often dirty and smelly. It means you don't have to wash it as often as you like. You can just air your garment by hanging it outside where it can circulate fresh air.

Merino Wool Turtleneck Men's Sweater Dries Quickly

Wash your merino wool fabric at a low temperature when you do. You can dry your garment flat, or place it on a hanger to dry when you take it out of the washing machine. You will find it dries quickly because of its such beautiful fabric. Be good with it as it dries up  in less time than you think!

It Is Wrinkle Free

Merino wool fabrics have elastic properties, and they don't wrinkle the sweater. It makes it perfect for traveling and packing merino wool garments into your suitcase. When you want to wear it, your clothing will bounce back into shape.

Merino Wool Is Friendly To The Environment

Merino wool is a natural commodity since it originates from sheep grazing on the New Zealand and Australian hills. We harvest their fleece twice a year. When you've done with your merino wool sweater, it's a biodegradable material that means it's going to decompose naturally in the soil. All of this makes merino wool a perfect, environmentally friendly alternative.

It Is Warm And Breathable

The fibers of merino wool have a natural crimp that works to trap body heat. Merino wool coatings can be shockingly thin, meaning you can wear layers. For example, you can choose a merino wool base layer and a merino wool shirt when you just need to stay warm.


Merino wool comes from sheep which graze the Australian and New Zealand meadows. Merino wool garments, thermoregulating in warm weather and isolating in the cold, look stylish and sophisticated and are incredibly practical for sportswear. It’s no wonder merino wool is so common throughout the whole year.


Buy one and feel the difference yourself.

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