Travel Hacks to Make Business Travel More Bearable

Travel Hacks to Make Business Travel More Bearable

Can business trips be fun? Well, yes and no both.

 How is that possible?

 Business trips can be a nice and anticipated break from your monotonous office life. True that! It’s regular for business travelers to be excited about the location and a new set-up. However, it’s also regular for them to get bogged down by the continuous travel, fatigue and living in a hotel.

 Business trips are fun but they are hectic as well. After all, you are there for business! And, your brain is always operational in the multi-tab mode. So, how exactly do you cope up with this? Let’s help you somewhat with these quick tips and travel hacks to make your next business trip more bearable and possibly fun.

Pack Light

Packing can be a demanding job. Not just for business trips, but for any kind of trips in general. Isn’t it? If you are someone who keeps going for business trips every alternate month, you should rather set a packing template for yourself.

 Save yourself all the hassle and throw all the necessities into one nice carry on. This should include your necessary formal clothing, some semi-casual clothes such as these, shoes and accessories you can’t do without, a decent travel pillow, sleep mask, and of course your earphones.

 And, it goes without saying that if you choose your carry-on carefully, you have won half of the business trip battle already. Multiple compartments, spacious and yet compact - ideal choice!

Airport Looks are Not Just for Celebrities!

Creating outfits for business trips is probably the time you need to display the best of your creativity and versatility. What’s the hack here? Pack clothes which can be mixed and matched amongst themselves.

 Pack woollen and cotton clothes, depending on the weather of your business trip location. You could carry some nice Polo shirts, and cardigans of multiple colors along. Rock these while you are up for some informal evening outings during the trip.

 A nice black Polo shirt manufactured using Merino wool, could just be the ideal choice if you are travelling to a location that’s neither too hot nor too cold.


 Also, don’t forget to carry a pair of sneakers. You would need it for the gym or while you go explore the local restaurants.

 A quick packing hack here - Rolling your clothes while packing them saves a lot of space, especially if you are packing nylon and cotton clothes.

Fly Direct if You Can, if Not Be Wise With The Layover Airport

There is no denying the fact that direct flights are the best but, if you just can’t avoid the layover, you should choose the layover airport wisely.


Some airports are subject to frequent flight delays, due to unfavorable weather conditions or other factors. Apart from weather, you should consider if the airport has adequate dining facilities and amenities.


If you are an art lover, maybe the interior design could also matter.

Be Prepared for Unforeseen Delays

While you are switching time zones, you never know how the weather will play or what unforeseen factors await you. Thus, you should consider installing an application that provides hourly updates about weather conditions, precipitation, flight status along with the map of the airport the flight would land on.


Applications such as Dark Sky and Flight Board could help. It’s also advisable to have an exhaustive business trip checklist. That way, you won’t miss out on anything important. 


While you are travelling from your hotel to the meeting venue, you could get stuck in the traffic or your cab. Be prepared for unforeseen delays there as well.


Thus, these were some quick hacks to help you save the hassle during your business trips. On that note, let us just remind you of the well-known fact that clothes can make or break an impression. Doesn’t matter if you are in a business meeting or strolling in the park late evening, you should be dressed up well. And, by well, we don’t mean expensive.


We, at Romeo Merino, understand this and have launched an entire collection for men. The collection, exclusively manufactured using Merino wool, has some of the best sweaters, cardigans and polo shirts to choose from. Don’t forget to check out the collection here and add your favorites to your wardrobe before you go for your next business trip.

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