The Benefits of Wearing Merino Wool

The Benefits of Wearing Merino Wool

 A lot of fabrics are available in the market. Some of them are soft, while a few others are itchy. Some of them are perfect winter picks, while some of them are ideal for summers. 


Particularly talking about fabrics that are supposed to keep you warm, a lot has happened over the years. The choices of the audience, the market trends as well as the manufacturing technology has changed. Today, we are increasingly looking at fabrics which not only are stylish, but also light to wear, durable, cheap and warm. 

Thus, these fabrics which are supposed to help manufacture your “outdoor” clothing have undergone a sea change over the years. Some of the popular choices in the past are called “grandma’s itchy wool” today, while we see a few others carving a spot. Amidst this, Merino Wool has emerged as a nice choice.

What exactly is it about Merino wool that helps it stand out? What are the benefits of wearing Merino wool? Let’s discover! 

Super Comfortable

How many of us hate wearing anything remotely woollen because it is too heavy, boring and prickly? Probably, most of us, right? 

Well, what if we tell you that there is a kind of wool which is not at all lumpy, heavy or prickly? What if we introduce you to pieces of clothing that are super comfortable to wear and look classy as well, like this black sweater here?

Merino wool is definitely one of the finest kinds of wool. Feeling extremely soft and comfortable, this lightweight wool is the top choice of people residing in colder regions. It is great for wearing underneath heavy jackets because it doesn’t irritate the skin. 

Super Warm 

Merino wool doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and is lightweight as well as comfortable. So, does it mean that it won’t keep you warm? No! Not at all. 

As against popular opinion, despite being lightweight, Merino wool helps you stay warm. It has a natural crimp in the fibre that efficiently traps the body heat in air pockets around your body. 

However, if a Merino woollen has not been keeping you warm enough, you could always layer up. For instance, you could pair up a nice Merino vest cardigan with a shirt. This combination would enhance the warmth and help you fight the chill better. 

Sustainable and Durable 

Merino wool is ecological - 100%. They shear the Merino sheep once or twice a year. Thus, the sheep get ample time to grow a new coat. The shearing is also manual most of the time and the animal is generally not harmed. 

Also, the clothes manufactured using Merino wool do not need to be washed very often. Clothes which are washed often, wear out with time and do not look as stylish as they used to when bought new. 

This problem stays out of the picture with Merino clothes as you don’t need to wash them that often. And, once you feel that you have worn the stuff enough, you could even decompose it easily without causing any harm to the environment. 

Body Odor Resistant 

Who doesn’t want to smell good? Probably, none of us! We know and appreciate the fact that smelling good is a great turn on. But, what do we do about the sweat? It’s natural, right?

And, what about the related body odor? Well, you would be surprised to know that Merino wool can help you with this as well. How? 

Contrary to the popular belief, sweat is not what results in bad odor. The odor is due to the bacteria on the body breaking down protein into certain acids (source).

The fibers of Merino wool naturally contain antimicrobial properties derived from Lanolin, which is a waxy material capable of preventing the growth of the bacteria responsible for bad odor. Hence, the next time you wear a Merino polo shirt, you would be extra confident! 

Thus, these were some of the benefits of choosing Merino wool over other fabrics. Hands down, Merino is a wonderful fabric. 

We, at Romeo Merino, understand that and thus, we have launched a nice Merino wool spring collection. Shop from a whole range of sweaters, cardigans and vests here. And, don’t forget that these make for excellent gift options as well. Set out on your online shopping spree and have a Merino collection of your own today. Time to renovate your wardrobe is now! Good luck!

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