Looking for a wardrobe refresh without breaking the bank? We have some quick, easy tips and a few key staples that will make the most out of the existing items of your closet. With a few insider tips and just a few high-quality pieces, you can add versatility and polish to any look. Here are some of our favorite tricks and top pieces that will have you stepping up your style game without spending a ton of money. 

Choose the Right Fabric

The correct fabric is just as crucial as the right design. Not only will the right fabric ensure comfort and durability, but it will also amp up any outfit with a luxe look. For the perfect pick, opt for Merino wool, which will not only be lightweight and soft against the skin but will also provide an instant upgrade to any outfit. Though it’s a higher price point than some other fabrics, it’s a smart investment purchase that you’ll wear again and again. Merino wool fibers naturally adapt to the outside elements, giving them the unique ability to help stabilize body temperature, no matter the conditions. During cooler seasons, the fabric insulates and keeps you warm. On hotter days, it transports sweat from the skin and releases humidity to help keep you cool and dry, making every piece a year-round staple

Explore the World Wide Web

With the right color combinations and layered pieces you can make the most of just a few key items. If styling isn’t your forte, simply explore the internet for some inspiration. Scroll Instagram and peruse through Pinterest to see some classic combinations that you can emulate with your own personal touches. Once you find a few looks that you love, invest in key items that you can wear in a number of different ways. 

Choose Versatile Options

Cardigan Vest

A cornerstone of any wardrobe, a classic cardigan vest is the perfect piece to make the most of any wardrobe. With the ability to mix and match with multiple items to create a wide array of outfits and looks, this choice will add valuable versatility to any existing wardrobe. Combining old-school sensibility with modern style, a classic cardigan vest can dress up your favorite jeans, add polish and color to a classic blazer, or add an extra pop of personality to any button-down. The combination of looks and color combinations are endless, making this one of the smartest pieces you can purchase.  

A Luxe Scarf

Upgrade your accessories game with a well-made scarf. In addition to a bold watch, a luxurious scarf can make any outfit look instantly expensive. Not only does it add polish and style, but it is also one of the most functional accessories you can own. Our 100% Merino wool scarf is the best option for anyone looking to make the most of their spend since unlike other scarves, it can be worn every season. Choose from classic neutrals or bright, statement colors to transform any outfit. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe with some new essentials, check out our complete collection at the Romeo Merino website. Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list to get exclusive perks, offers, and first looks at our latest offerings.

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