Polo Shirts Will Make You Look Dashing Everyday! Check out The Guide

Polo Shirts Will Make You Look Dashing Everyday! Check out The Guide

A polo shirt is one of the most versatile shirts that any man could possess. It's a perfect summer staple but how does it fit, from what should it be made, and where are the best places to buy polo shirts? Every gentleman should at least have a couple of polo shirts in his wardrobe. Polo shirts can be combined with other fashion pieces such as chinos, jeans, seersucker, from sporty clothing to leisurewear. Perfect for the preppy gentlemen, it is a famous sight on golf courses, tennis courts, beaches, and across the city for enjoyable walks through the shops and an alfresco meal in a chic bistro.

Mix And Match Your Men's Knit Polo Shirts

The poor old suit has taken on a bit of a battering in the stakes of popularity in the age of athleisure. Yet a polo shirt is the thing to offer a fresh lick of metaphorical paint to tailor.


It is relatively simple to cash in on these benefits. Just wear a polo shirt instead of your shirt and tie, beginning with a blue, grey or black suit. While a tonal polo shirt that imitates the hue of your outfit can fit just as well as a contrasting style, it's hard to go wrong on colour too.

However, if you want to go forward, make sure that your pants, polo shirt, and blazer all bring something else to the table. Try putting together a pair of cream trousers, a taupe blazer, and a khaki green polo shirt, then slip into some brown horseback loafers for the perfect casual yet trendy summer look.

Seek Out Stripes Of Your Men's Knit Polo Shirts

If there's something to go by the amount of retina-searing light menswear currently doing the rounds, minimalism is gone. It means that, yes, the anti-subtlety treatment was given to polo shirts too, with plenty of designs announcing their presence loudly.


Those who are worried about looking like a kid's TV presenter should choose on their polo a maximum of two colours, while brave sorts should choose a three-colour stripe style. Then, wear an unassuming pair of light wash dad jeans and plain white trainers to ensure you 're avoiding optical acrobatics.


Lose The Buttons Of Your Men's Knit Polo Shirts & Look Cool

The collar on your polo shirt should be open by design unless you are in some indie tribute band. Confusingly, the open collar polo shirt isn't a styling change; it's fashion talking for a style that has no buttons at all on its neck. The beauty of this simple modification is that they stop the polo shirt from emitting stag party vibes by subtracting those fastening contraptions.


Pair chinos and loafers with an open collar of your men's knit polo shirts, and you're living your best old Jetsetter money life. Stick to light wash jeans as well as high-tops.


Look for open collar designs with a fit which is on the tailored side, mind, to keep items looking suitably stylish when wearing. If your polo shirt holds too much fabric, the collar will sag.

Beyond The Pale To Make Heads Turn With Your Men's Knit Polo Shirts

Nearly everybody has a bit of added glow over them in the summer: we 're talking about tans, not sticky foreheads to be precise. As a result, it's the perfect window of opportunity to lighten up your game of polo.


Start with a grey, white, or stone polo shirt, then try stone, cream, or white chinos down below instead of instinctively grounding the look with dark pants, then park your feet in smart leather trainers.


As a rule of thumb, the lighter the tones, you can pull off the darker your skin, so you'll need to keep that in mind when picking a polo. If you're pale and want a white polo teamed with light shades to rock, a pair of sand chinos will add sufficient contrast to the process.


Even though a polo shirt is a wardrobe staple, finding the right size, fabric and variations can be challenging to take advantage of all the possibilities this exclusive shirt has to bring. We take a look at every aspect of the men's knit polo shirts in our guide, beginning with its long and venerable history so you'll look your best in the sun.

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