Men's Scarves: Here is What You Should Know Before Buying One

Men's Scarves: Here is What You Should Know Before Buying One

Scarves are one of the best accessories, irrespective of the season. But, we feel that they have been a bit underrated always.


Scarves can instantly lift an otherwise plain and boring look.  Don’t believe us? See for yourself!



Don’t you agree that this beautiful Merino wool ivory scarf has changed the entire look for better?


Scarves do make you look better, that’s a fact. But, only if you are smart enough to pick the right one out of the lot.


Yes, you can’t just pick any scarf and get compliments. There are a few important points you should know before you go scarf shopping. So, what are those? Let’s see!

Choose the Right Fabric

Well, although you are just going to wrap it around your neck or sometimes even just hang it around your neck, the fabric matters. It actually does.


Make sure you choose a high-quality, lightweight, and itch-free fabric. Something like Merino wool, for instance. Wrapping a scarf around your neck that continuously feels itchy can be a real spoil-sport and ruin your day.


Explore these authentic Merino wool scarves by Romeo Merino here. You will get an essence of how scarves should be.

Have a Versatile Pick

A scarf is an accessory that you should be able to pair up with a majority of clothes in your wardrobe.


Yes, you can go exclusive and have scarves that look good with a particular shirt or denim only, but it won’t be feasible or affordable at all times.


Thus, it’s advisable that you go for neutral shades, something like this ivory scarf here, that you can pair up with a lot of shades.

Choose the Right Length

A scarf must not be too long or too short. It should be just the right length that serves your purpose as well.


For instance, if you are just going to hang it loose around your neck, you can have a considerably shorter length. However, if you are up for a complex knot, you may need a little longer piece. 


When knotted, the scarf should ideally be below your chest but above your waistline, so that should give you a fair idea as to how to judge the length.

Have an Adventure

When it comes to scarf shopping, we have a lot of options available. We have scarves with patterns, we have those dotted scarves and then we have the plain ones, with absolutely no design at all.


Although there is no hard and fast rule as to what to buy out of these, yes, you should contemplate the occasion for which you are shopping. A plain scarf like this would look more appropriate in a formal setup! But, there is always room for experiments.


These were our two cents on how to buy the best scarf. We hope these tips come handy. And, if you would like to explore the Merino wool collection by Romeo Merino, here is the link. You can find an exclusive collection of 100% authentic Merino wool clothing ranging from polo shirts to cardigans. Happy shopping!

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