Men’s Style Myths Debunked

Men’s Style Myths Debunked

Liberally consuming the freely available style guides on the internet, we sometimes fall prey to twisted style notions.


While there is not a lot that goes into being a style icon, some wrong notions can really ruin the game for you.


There is no denying the fact that some of these ideas started with good intentions, they got twisted with time and attained an entirely different meaning.


Let’s see some popular style myths for men and debunk them right away.

Expensive Clothes Make You Look Good

We go through fashion guides and we see them recommending stuff that is high quality as well as well-designed.


However, a lot of us take it the wrong way. A common myth is that wearing expensive clothes helps you look handsome.


Sorry to break it to you but this is not entirely true. Yes, you do look good when you invest in quality clothes but they don’t have to be outright expensive.


If you are smart enough to look in the right places, you can find some collections that are nice and not at all out of your budget.

Real Men Don’t Wear Anything Except Black

This is another myth that needs to be debunked badly. Do you feel that men should wear black only? If yes, you must be surprised to see this stylish raspberry v-neck sweater or pink Merino wool scarf.


Do these look good enough? Well, we are sure they do.


If a piece of clothing fetched you negative comments, it’s more about how it fits you rather than what shade it is. Yes, shade matters, some neutral shades look good, but again there is no such rule as men can’t wear anything except black!


If it goes well with your skin tone, and if it fits you well, plus you have paired it with the right shade clothes - you will look good!

Denim on Denim is an Unforgivable Sin

This is yet another common myth that deserves to be busted. Denim on denim is complex. It’s true that not everyone can rock this look.


But it’s not true that this is something you should never be seen wearing.


The fact is that it’s all about striking the right contrast. If you are able to hit that right contrast between the shirt or jacket and the jeans, both in terms of color and texture, you got it right.


For example, you should consider teaming up a light-hued pair of jeans with a darker chambray shirt. Rest, you need to be confident about the look. It can go horribly wrong but it can turn you into the life of the party as well if carried the right way.


These were some of the common style myths believed to be true by a lot of men. If you have believed in one of these all your life, today is the day to start a new chapter.


And yes, don’t forget to check out our exclusive Merino wool collection here. We have all that you need to look handsome without spending a fortune remodeling your wardrobe.

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