We have rules for a formal style. We mostly understand what’s acceptable and what’s not. We know that a pair of shorts is not meant to be worn with a full-sleeved formal shirt.


On the flip side, casual style doesn’t have that kind of stiff rules. We don’t really have rules of thumb on what to wear with what.


Casual style has always been more personal. People dress up the way that appeals to them while going for parties or meeting friends for brunch.


This also leads to comparatively lesser ideas on how to level up your casual style.


Let’s see some tips on leveling up your casual style and being more casual yet stylish.

Layer Up Smartly

A pro tip for leveling up your casual style is to layer up smartly. Layering holds attention. It is an invitation to explore what’s underneath rather than a single glance and done.


What do we mean by layering up smartly? Well, choose nice cardigans, blazers or jackets to pair with your shirts and polo shirts.


Color-coordinate them and see what matches perfectly with what. A black cardigan, for instance, would look nice teamed up with a white shirt.

Upgrade Your Shoes

We often pay plenty of attention to our clothes and accessories, but we seldom pay attention to footwear. And, more often than not, it ruins our look.


Invest in a pair of quality sneakers for casual occasions. Color-coordinate them with your polos or pants. Maybe try rugged stuff as well. Consider swapping your plain brown dress shoes with a pair of brightly-colored canvas shoes or a loafer with a metallic buckle.


Well, casual is all about the experiment. You don’t always have to spend a ton trying to look smart.


Shop from a variety of sources. See what gets you compliments and what failed. Have your own fashion sense guided by experiment! This is probably the most important casual fashion tip for men out there.


A v-neck sweater may look great on your friend but may not look as good on you because of your built, or skin tone or any other reason. That doesn’t mean you are not good-looking enough, it’s just that you haven’t found your style as yet.


And, as long as something doesn’t fit you well, is too tight or too loose, never go for it.


Don’t dress up like a boy, dress up like a man.

Swap the Graphic Tees With Classic Polos

Well, the last pro tip is to swap your favorite graphic tees with classy knit polos. You may have sworn by those graphic tees whole your life, but that’s it.


You don’t need them anymore. You are a full-grown man and you need to level up your style.


Shop for 100% authentic Merino wool polo shirts here and make an instant difference to your wardrobe. These are soft, durable, lightweight, comfortable, and manly.


How did you find these tips? We are sure these would come in handy the next time you are insecure about style and want something new to try.


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