Life is hectic. Between impressing your boss, maintaining a healthy social life, and juggling home and financial responsibilities, spending additional time worrying about your appearance shouldn’t add to the stress. However, looking polished has further-reaching effects; from the way that you’re perceived by others to the way you exude your inner confidence to the world. In order to achieve your best looks with minimal time and stress, we’ve assembled these quick and easy clothing hacks to make your day as stress-free and seamless as possible.

Roll Up Your Sleeves

A properly rolled-up sleeve allows you to maintain a formal look during warmer seasons, take your outfit from business to casual, and ensure that your pricey dress shirt doesn’t succumb to dreaded ink stains. Even better, it adds signature style and a modern touch to a more tailored outfit (and it certainly doesn’t hurt that it highlights your hard-earned physique). However, improperly rolled sleeves can look sloppy and unrefined. In order to ensure that your sleeves are always on point, follow these quick, fail-safe steps: 

  1. Unbutton any buttons on the sleeve and cuffs.
  2. Flip back the cuff and then roll the sleeve using the cuff to set the width.
  3. Ensure that you smooth out any creases or wrinkles.
  4. If the inside of the cuff as a contrasting print, show just a hint of the inside pattern.
  5. Ensure that there are several visible inches of the wrist to ensure that the look is intentional and it doesn’t appear as if your shirt simply doesn’t fit. 
  6. Never roll your sleeves under a sports jacket. Instead, opt for this look when you’re rocking a cardigan vest or are wearing just a simple button-down.

Try High-Low Dressing

Look street chic while still maintaining the style of a classic gentleman with high-low dressing. The term describes the art of combining formal and casual clothing to balance stuffiness with casual street style and blurs the lines between expensive and affordable pieces. For reference, think of Justin Timberlake rocking a tailored suit with white leather sneakers. The look is effortless defined. For some of our favorite pairings, opt for a graphic tee paired with a sleek sports jacket, jeans, and a blazer, formal trousers with a simple, fitted polo, or trousers with casual sneakers and a classic cardigan sweater.

Create a Trademark Color Palette

As a quick and easy way to define your own personal sense of style and create a signature look, opt for a preferred color palette. Not only will it save you money and time by giving your closet easy, endless options to mix and match, but it will also become a trademark of your personal style. Choose your color palette based on what tones you feel most confident in and which colors you’re automatically drawn to. You may already have a great base sitting in your closet that you can build upon. For a solid start, choose a selection of about three to five colors that will make up your wardrobe and complement each other. If you’re a fan of neutrals, opt for a variety of grays, creams, tans, and black. If you prefer to make a statement with more vibrant colors, choose a selection of bold jewel tones that can all easily pair with a dark pair of pants. Obviously, having a signature palette doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself to only these colors, but they can act as a quick guideline to follow for stress-free shopping, packing, and getting dressed daily. 

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