How to Wear a V-Neck Sweater?

How to Wear a V-Neck Sweater?

Sweaters are an essential part of a man’s wardrobe. Be it the winter time, or a cold night while you are on a summer vacation, a lightweight sweater never disappoints.


Talking about sweaters, we have a lot of options these days. On one hand, where we have the turtleneck and crew neck sweaters, on the other hand we have the ever classy v-neck sweater.


This post is dedicated to the v-neck sweater! We shall talk about how you wear (read rock) a v-neck sweater, what are the dos and what are the don'ts. Let’s dive straight into it.

Always Wear Something Under It

Well, the first rule for wearing a black v-neck sweater (or any color v-neck sweater, for that matter), is to wear it above something.

 Black V-neck

It can be a shirt, a polo shirt or any other shirt, but don’t wear a v-neck sweater on your bare body. It doesn’t look nice!

Make Sure The Sweater Fits You Well

Ill-fitting (super loose or super tight) v-neck sweaters are not a concept. They just don’t look good.


Measure your size well and get something that would fit you just right, leaving the space for wearing something underneath.


It must not be too baggy around the torso or the armpits. The fabric should lightly hug the body but must not be way too well-fitted or tight.

The Fabric Should be Lightweight

Well, sweaters don’t always have to be heavy or itchy. Nice, lightweight and breathable sweaters are available these days that add to your style factor, while keeping you warm and protected.


We are talking about something like this Merino wool v-neck sweater here. Manufactured using 100% authentic Merino wool, this Raspberry v-neck sweater is stylish as well as comfortable.

It won’t cause an itching sensation like some cheaper qualities of heavyweight wool as it is hypoallergenic. (Explore the entire collection here!)

Pair it With the Right Shirt

If some of you have been wearing v-neck sweaters with t-shirts or undershirts, you have been doing it wrong.


A v-neck sweater is paired the best with a dress shirt. It has a formal tone and matches the sweater well. You don’t even need to wear a tie to complete the look, because it already makes you look handsome enough! Don’t forget to wear a watch and formal shoes though.


But yes, do make sure that the shirt, especially the collar is well-ironed so that it doesn’t get hidden under the sweater, spoiling the entire look.


Further, you can wear a blazer or a suit coat above it, in case it’s winter time and you need some extra warmth.


A V-neck sweater can enhance your look instantly, if worn the right way. It’s perfect for a semi-casual or semi-formal look. Pair it up with a nice color-complementary pair of chinos, trousers, or jeans.


Particularly loved the Merino wool v-neck sweater idea? Feel free to explore an entire collection of Merino wool clothing here and reinvent your wardrobe. You can shop for men’s knit polo shirts, cardigan sweaters, vests and a lot more - all at one single spot.

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