How to Wear a Cardigan Sweater With Style?

How to Wear a Cardigan Sweater With Style?


Although we are sure that a cardigan sweater is a classic piece of clothing, we also can’t deny that wearing it in the wrong way could quickly get you labeled as a grandpa.

 A versatile piece of clothing such as a cardigan sweater is something that demands creativity to be pulled off in the right way. There is a respectable number of looks that you could create using a cardigan sweater, but only if you play by the rules.

 Let’s dig deeper into this and explore what options you have with cardigans.

A Casual Cardigan Look

An easy way to wear a cardigan with style is to pair it up with a nice pair of jeans or chinos, along with a t-shirt and sneakers. This casual look is simple yet classy. The relaxed party look is capable of earning you a lot of compliments and greetings.

A nice black cardigan made of Merino wool could just be an ideal choice. Shop here! 

Cardigan With a Long Sleeve Henley

Although a lightweight Merino wool men’s V-neck cardigan goes best over a t-shirt, you could also pair it up with a long-sleeved henley. The vibe is very casual and timeless, pretty much like that of a crew neck sweater.


V-neck Cardigan

A Semi-Casual Cardigan Look

Cardigans are best for creating casual looks but if yours is a bit fitted, you could also pull off a nice, semi-casual look. A fitted cardigan paired with a button-up shirt, a nice pair of trousers, along with dress shoes may be the right semi-casual look you would want.

 Since, we are trying to create a stylish, semi-casual look, it is advisable to choose neutral shades over very dark or vibrant colors.


V-neck Cardigan


A Formal Cardigan Look

Wondering if you could even create a formal look with a cardigan? Well, yes!

 Although a cardigan is not sufficient for a formal look, you could always pair a fitted, buttoned cardigan with a suit to get that formal look. Replace the vest or waistcoat in your three-piece suit with a fitted button-up cardigan. This stylish look presents you as an innovative guy as well. Time for some experiments!


V-neck Cardigan

And if you are in no mood to don a whole three-piece suit someday, you could also try replacing your blazer with a fitted cardigan for a business casual look. If you don’t have any meetings scheduled for the day, or if a business casual look is the look-of-the-day, this idea must not disappoint you.


Pair up the cardigan with an oxford shirt, a pair of trousers or chinos (totally your choice), and a tie. The look can be a great break from the usual formal looks you carry. And yeah, loafers could be the footwear for the day. Neither too formal, nor too casual, win-win situation!


Doesn’t matter if you want an elegant and formal outfit for a business meeting or a formal outing, or a cool, funky and casual style for a weekend out with friends, a cardigan won’t disappoint you.


All that you need to do is to know how to rock it the right way and invest in quality stuff. Have you explored the collection of Merino wool cardigans by Romeo Merino? Available in multiple shades, these Merino wool men’s sweaters are a deal not to be missed out on. 

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