How to Pack Clothes in a Backpack and Save Space

How to Pack Clothes in a Backpack and Save Space


Need to go for a business trip super soon? Or, planned a trip with your friends sometime in future? If you are bitten by the travel bug, you must know how to pack in such a way that you don’t miss out on stuff but still carry along everything necessary.

 Packing clothes in a backpack and saving space - these are not mutually exclusive! Yes, packing a bit smartly and following some packing hacks can work wonders. Don’t believe us? Let’s explore!

Use the Shoes Strategically

Shoes tend to take up a lot of space in our backpacks, right? Thus, if you want to save some quick space, try using the shoes to store stuff such as your socks. Also, you can even use the bigger shoes to store the smaller ones!

Store Sets of Clothes Together

Store Sets of Clothes Together

Simply lay out the shirt on a flat surface, followed by laying a folded underwear and stacked socks into the chest area of the shirt. Next, you could roll this entire bundle up together.


And yeah, carrying a belt along? You can easily wrap it inside the collar of your shirt. Not only would this save space but also keep the collar stiff.

Wear the Bulky Items and Pack the Lighter Ones

If you are going for a quick weekend trip or a short business trip, you don’t need to carry a lot of clothes along. Thus, that one bulky coat/jacket that you must carry along, you should wear it. Pack the lighter ones by rolling them into bundles.


And, this would be even more easy if you have clothes made of non-bulky material such as Merino wool. Yeah, clothes manufactured using lightweight stuff such as Merino wool would occupy less space. Don’t have such clothes? Shop here!

Wrap Your Earphones in Clothing

Wondering if your earphones or USB cables or portable speakers would need an extra bag of their own? Well, no, they won’t, only if you wrap them up safely in your clothes.


Yes, not only would this save you the hassle of allotting separate space to them, but also keep them safe. Not only earphones and USB cables, but this idea could be extended to cameras, external hard-drives or anything else that needs to be protected against normal wear and tear.

Compression Bags May be Handy

If you have a lot to pack and you can’t find a way out, you could always use some compression bags. Compression bags are capable of super-condensing stuff that holds a lot of air.  Consider clothing for instance, push all the air out of it, press it tight and close it up.  This would help you gain some quick, much-needed extra space while also keeping your bag organized and segregated.

See What You are Packing

Finally, one of the key tricks to save space while packing is to be selective about what you are packing. Packing bulky clothes manufactured using heavy fabric doesn’t work. You need to switch to fabrics such as Merino wool which are not only lightweight to wear, but also get rolled up easily when you pack them.


Many of us are under the misconception that packing winter clothes such as sweaters or cardigans can’t be lightweight. Explore an entire collection of exclusive sweaters, cardigans, polo shirts and scarves made of Merino wool by Romeo Merino here. Not only you could pack these easily, but also look extremely classy and stylish while you wear them.


Doesn’t matter if you are going for a camping trip, to your friend’s place for weekend, or a short business trip, if you know the art of packing efficiently, you could save yourself a lot of hassle. A little bit of planning, thought and smartness employed while planning can actually go a long way while travelling as well as unpacking later!

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