Holiday Gift Guide: Part 3

Holiday Gift Guide: Part 3

We’re back with the third and final installment of this year’s holiday gift guide. Christmas is just around the corner and Hannukah has arrived, so we’re here with some last-minute ideas to ensure you check everyone off your list. From our favorite barware to some super-luxe offerings that will make you everyone’s favorite Santa, here are our final choices for the year’s best gifts: 

For the Adventurer

For the person who is always outside and gearing up for their latest outdoor adventure, opt for a merino wool beanie and matching scarf from our limited edition Winter Capsule collection. Not only are our scarves and beanies the perfect finishing touch to any outfit, but they’re also naturally antibacterial, temperature regulating, offer UV sun protection, and are super soft, and insanely comfortable. 

For the Person Who Loves a Good Cocktail

For a thoughtful gift that won’t break the bank, give an upgrade to someone’s at-home bar with a set of whiskey stones. Made from stainless steel or pure soapstone for its soft composition, whiskey stones are cut and tumbled to softly rounded edges so there’s no fear of breakage when you place them in your glassware. Perfect for bringing down your whiskey to the ideal temperature without watering down the flavors of the spirit, it’s a gift that will be used again and again.

For the Coffee Connoisseur 

For something truly special and completely indulgent, gift the coffee-lover in your life with the gift of Kopi Luwak. If you haven’t heard of this famously pricey coffee, it’s touted as the most delicious and expensive coffee in the world. Imported from Indonesia, Kopi Luwak, also known as “civet coffee,” is named after the cat-like mammal who eats and digests the beans. During the digestive process, proteins are broken down and leached out of the bean. This process is what takes all of the bitterness out of the bean, creating the smoothest coffee in the world. It’s rare. It’s expensive. And it tastes much better than it sounds.

For the Person Who Has Everything

Everyone has that person on their list who seems to own almost everything and is seemingly impossible to shop for. For these people, we always recommend our fail-safe gift that’s sure to please: an elegant coffee table book. Opt for a specific book based on someone’s personal interests for that extra special, thoughtful touch. Whether they love traveling, luxury cars, fashion, or home design, there are books based on every interest imaginable. It’s a beautiful gift that the recipient will not enjoy perusing through, but will be proudly displayed for years to come.

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