Easy Ways to Wear a Scarf in Style

Easy Ways to Wear a Scarf in Style

Scarves are hands-down great accessories. Stylish, classy as well as easy to wear, a nice scarf can definitely enhance a look within minutes.


Style guides on how to wear a scarf are freely available across the internet. However, a little bit of creativity, and some brainstorming can help you discover your own ways of carrying a scarf.


The best part about a scarf is that it’s not just a fashion item. If worn smartly, a scarf can even protect you against harsh elements of nature.


So, how exactly do you wear a scarf in a style? Let’s explore!

On the Inside of Your Coat

You could use a scarf to cover the chest area exposed by the coat’s neckline. This “on-the-inside-of-your-coat” look is great especially if it is very cold outside. All you need to do is to tuck the draped ends of the scarf into the coat. This way the scarf would stay inside while covering that exposed area.


The Parisian Knot Style

Also known as the European knot, the Parisian knot style is a popular way of wearing your scarf. It is quite a versatile and less complicated way. The look can be achieved very easily with minimal effort.


You just simply need to fold the scarf in half, drape it around the back of your neck, and place the loose end through the loop created. Further, you could even get a little more creative and complete the look with a Breton top.

The Fake Knot Style

Next on the list is the Fake Knot Style.  The style is good for business and formal looks and is quite easy to create.


To begin with, you need to place the scarf around your neck. Proceeding as with the drape, you have to keep one side longer than the other and leave it as it is. The extra fabric on the longer side is to be used to tie a very loose knot. Feed the other shorter end of the scarf through the hole and adjust as per your comfort level.

Hanging the Scarf Around Your Neck

Scarf Hanging around your neck

Finally, you could also choose to go with a very casual scarf look. Pick a scarf whose color goes well with the other clothes you are wearing and simply hang it loose around your neck.


While you wear the classic draped scarf on colder days usually, this is something that you could pull off on a nice autumn day as well. Leave the front of your neck exposed, draping the scarf over your shoulders. Both sides of the scarf must fall evenly! The look is quite casual and is perfect for the autumn days.


Thus, these were some of the quick ways in which you can wear a scarf in style. Apart from the styles suggested above, you can also do a reverse drape or overhand.


Scarves add charm and dimension to your look instantly. And, if you are trying to experiment with your look somewhat, you must invest in some quality Merino wool scarves for men. Check out an entire collection of Merino wool cardigans, polo shirts, and sweaters here. Time to remodel your wardrobe is now!

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