Brown is the New Black: Meet Fall’s Favorite Color

Brown is the New Black: Meet Fall’s Favorite Color

Though we will always have a special place in our hearts (and closets) for bold colors and classic black, we can’t help but love the softer, neutral tones of brown and its many shades. Though it’s often seen as the less trendy, more boring shade of its darker counterpart, brown is the perfect neutral for fall and it’s appreciation is long overdue. It’s versatile and timeless like classic black, but with a softer and more Autumn-appropriate shade. 

Not only can it complement and elevate many of the existing pieces and colors of your wardrobe, but a neutral color palette can make any outfit make instantly more expensive. If you’re someone who always opts for all black outfits or staples, then brown is a great option to switch up your style without veering too far out of your comfort zone. Not only does a rich brown hue look flattering on almost any complexion, but it’s a shade that will never go out of style. To up your fall style game, wear brown-on-brown outfits, or mix different hues of brown like camel, tan, caramel and beige. Here are some tips on how to wear the biggest shade of the season and some of our favorite staples in an array of brown based shades to complete your wardrobe.

Classic V-Neck Sweater in Brown Bison

A timeless classic, the v-neck sweater is a must-have for any men’s wardrobe. This rich tobacco brown shade provides a more formal look and pairs perfectly with a white button-down and your favorite pair of slacks or jeans. Made from 100% merino wool, it’s super breathable, luxuriously soft, and temperature regulating (making it perfect for fall, but also great to wear year-round).

Full-Zip Sweater in Brown Brindle

If you want to opt for a softer, more subtle shade of brown, our full-zip sweater in brown brindle is a great, neutral option. A versatile, outerwear staple, it combines style, form, and function. A convenient hidden zipper, ribbed detailing, and a classic collar and cuffs give this piece a polished look that can dress up or down any outfit. Made from 100% merino wool, its breathable material will protect you against the elements and outfit you in pure style. 

How to Style It

We love the juxtaposition of cream and brown, so any white base with a brown sweater is always a great pairing. Opt for the above sweaters with any white or cream tee-shirt or button down for an instant fall look. Additionally, different shades of a similar color, like brown brindle and a deeper brown look pair well together and add a minimalist, luxurious aesthetic to any outfit. Brown is also a great base for a bold accessory (we recommend any of our colorful luxe scarves to add a pop of color to any brown outfit. Though any color looks great with brown, we love the combination of brown and blue for a classic, gentlemanly look.

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