About Those Resolutions...

About Those Resolutions...

With the inception of the new year comes new promises, new resolutions, and new outlooks. Never has this been more true following the upheaval and challenges we all encountered in 2020. Maintaining resolutions once the excitement of the holidays wears off can be challenging, so we’ve highlighted some actually enjoyable and attainable ways to fulfill our favorite, tried-and-true pledges for self-improvement. Here are some options to start 2021 off right:

New Year’s Resolution #1: Get Fit

The world’s most popular resolution is of course to hit the gym and shed that annoying holiday weight, but with this year’s social distancing requirements and the need for safety, this resolution is more challenging than ever. However, getting fit and avoiding crowded gyms doesn’t have to mean pounding the pavement in monotonous runs and foregoing fun. Instead, opt for joining an online fitness community. You can not only stream every class imaginable from the safety of your own home, but an online fitness class can motivate you with uplifting digital environments, introduce you to potential new friends, and have you train with professionally-trained instructors.

New Year’s Resolution #2: Up Your Style Game

Though we may have spent the majority of 2020 in sweatpants, the new year is a great time to define your own personal style and upgrade your style game. Though it’s easy to get comfortable during these days of working from home, putting on your favorite outfit when joining a video call or stepping out can have a dramatic effect on your entire persona. Whenever you’re outfitted in the clothes and styles that give you confidence, your self-perception will translate into the energy and aura you exude. Whatever your favorite outfit is, from a three-piece suit to a simple turtleneck sweater, wear it proudly so you look and feel your best. 

New Year’s Resolution #3: Get a Hobby

In addition to giving yourself an outlet for energy, concentration, and boredom, picking up a new hobby will allow you to learn a new skill and help keep you occupied during a period when we’re spending more time at home than ever before. It may be something you’ve always wanted to learn but haven’t set aside the time or something completely new, but whatever it is ensure that it’s something you’ll enjoy. The last thing you want is to feel forced to do something that seems like a task rather than a reward. Whether you want to train for a marathon, pick up photography, write a blog, or a try to develop a green thumb - the options are endless!

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