5 Style Mistakes Men Make

5 Style Mistakes Men Make

All of us have a fashion sense of our own. What may be fashionable and trendy for a friend may not be as fashionable and trendy for us.


All of us have varying fashion styles, which becomes a part of our identity over the years.


However, sometimes our fashion experiments don’t go very well and we end up being a fashion disaster.


Men are no exception to this. A lot of men end up looking like boys while experimenting with their looks, or just trying to look better.


What are the most common style mistakes that men make? Let’s see!

Carrying a Backpack With a Classic Jacket

You could be looking super good in your classic jacket, but ruin that look altogether because of a backpack. Carrying a backpack with a classic jacket is a no-no.


You could carry a backpack with a polo shirt if you want, but not with a classic jacket.

Wearing a Tie or Scarf That’s Too Short or Too Long

This one has to be the most common mistake probably. Ideally, the tie should just touch the buckle of the belt and the scarf should be at the level of your waistline, lower than the chest line.


However, it’s not uncommon to spot men with extra long or extra short ties and scarves.

Allowing Your Trousers to Puddle Up On Your Shoes

Yes, it’s not always possible to find clothes that fit perfectly, but that is no excuse for wearing a pant that puddles up on your shoes.


You may be looking super handsome, wearing a very nice v-neck sweater with formal pants but then ruin the look yourself.


The pant should just be touching the ankles or the shoes, not sitting on top of them!


If you really loved a piece and couldn’t resist the temptation to buy it, reach out to a qualified tailor and get it altered.

Too Tight or Too Baggy is Not Powerful

You may be wearing a polo shirt, a cardigan or a sweater, if it’s fitting you well, you have already won half the style battle.


Clothes that are too tight or too baggy are not cool. Especially, too tight clothing doesn’t equal to powerful dressing sense.


The fabric should hug your body gracefully while allowing you room to breathe.

Buying Low-Quality Clothes

And, finally buying low-quality clothes just because you want to save a few bucks is a grave mistake.


Low-quality clothes don’t enhance your appearance and lose their charm over time. Add to it the fact that, it’s terrible to wear a fabric that continuously feels itchy and uncomfortable.


Good quality clothes are actually an investment. They make you feel more confident and stand the test of time, thus helping you save money in the long run.


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