5 Pro Tips to Look Great Throughout the Year!

5 Pro Tips to Look Great Throughout the Year!

All of us have a distinct style sense of our own. While some of us like to dress up rugged, a few others like to keep it subtle and formal.


However, not every look comes out to be as good as we imagine it to be and there are times when we regret our decisions as well.


Is there a way out to skip those regretting times and look great throughout the year? Is there really a chance that you could look good at all times without having those bad style days?


Let’s see five tips to win the fashion game irrespective of the season!

Pay Attention to Your Hair

Your beard and your hair are probably the best accessories you would ever get. Yes! Well-kempt hair, beard, and nails can contribute a lot to your look and present you as a hygienic, decent, and professional man.


Would you prefer to hire someone who has his hair cut to proper length or who rushes in with long hair and stinky clothes?

Prefer Odor Resistant Fabric

Style is not always about wearing expensive clothes. Yes, you should wear what helps you look presentable and neat but the style has deeper meanings.


Bad odor is an instant turn-off and if you are stinking, doesn’t matter how expensive clothes you are wearing, you may fail to create an impression.


Consider investing in good-quality clothes manufactured using odor-resistant fabric such as Merino wool.

Buy Clothes that Fit You Well

Don’t show up in baggy sweaters or extra tight suits. That’s going to work against you and probably make you the butt of jokes.


Likewise, your tie and scarves must not be too short or too long. Be extra particular about the size of your clothes and don’t buy anything that comes cheap but doesn’t fit as it should.

Pair the Clothes Right

Pairing a full-sleeved polo shirt with navy shirts? Probably not that good an idea!


Buying nice, costly clothes and then teaming them up in the wrong way can spoil the show.


For instance, a polo shirt should not be worn with an undershirt. Two polo shirts should not be worn together, that is you shouldn’t layer polo shirts.


You got the idea, right?

A Nice Wrist Watch is a Must

Dressing up for a formal party? A wristwatch is a must! Accessories are not for women alone. Being a man, although you have limited options for accessories, you should definitely explore the ones you have.


Invest in a quality wristwatch, from a nice brand, and let it adorn your business casual and formal looks.


These were some quick style tips for all the fashion freak men out there. If you feel that nothing ever makes you look or feel good, probably it is the poor quality of the clothes.


Good quality clothes generally look better and speak for themselves. Check out Romeo Merino’s exclusive Merino wool clothing collection here and see what all is missing in your wardrobe. We are sure you going to fall hard for this!

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