Fashion trends change, seasons change and so do the choices of people. However, if there is something to stay in the fashion industry, we must stay it is black!


Black has been a favorite amongst designers and fashion lovers since forever. It was popular twenty years ago and we are sure that even twenty years down the lane, it would still enjoy the same popularity.


So, what’s it about black that never lets it go out of fashion? What’s it about black that it continues to be a top choice of fashion freaks despite the availability of so many colors?


Let’s explore the top four reasons why we feel black will never go out of fashion!

You Can Wear It With Any Color!

Pair a black shirt with white denim, blue denim or a pair of shorts, you would look nice. Doesn’t matter what the color is, black fits well.


If you are someone who doesn’t like shopping or collecting clothes much, you can have a few classic black pieces in your wardrobe and keep matching and mixing them to create wonderful, creative looks.


For instance, invest in a nice men’s knit black polo shirt and pair it with complementary jeans, chinos, or shorts, depending on the occasion. We just created three different looks there!


Timeless and Stands Apart

Black stands apart, irrespective of the occasion. It has a class of its own. You automatically tend to look a class apart when you wear black.


For instance, you could be wearing a black vest cardigan over a plain, white shirt and just look good effortlessly.


Black doesn’t need a lot of accessorizing or additional effort. It’s self-sufficient! And, be it an office party or a weekend picnic, black can be the color of the occasion.

Gets Layered Up Easily

While it could be a pain to layer up solids, or neutrals, or patterns, you can easily layer up various clothes in black.


Wear this black vest beneath a black blazer or coat, and you would have a nice formal look with a dress shirt and formal pants.


Plus, it’s not very seasonal. You could rock a black shirt as much in summer as you can in winter.

It’s the Official Travel Color

Well, there are two reasons why you must carry black along while traveling. First is that it is a very low maintenance color. You could wear a black shirt multiple times without it coming across as dirty.


Apart from that, since you can pair up a black shirt or black jeans with literally any shade, you need to pack less and still have multiple looks!


Thus, these were the top four reasons why we feel black is here to stay and is not going out of fashion anytime soon.


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